organic fertilizer for your plants & gardens. Made by famous llamas. Watch your plants thrive and grow!

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Treat you plants and gardens to the nourishment they desire with Llama Beans, the natural soil booster! Llama beans are the manure of the llamas. These pellets are similar to
elk and deer. BMO offers Llama Beans in two formats. Whole Beans or Ground Beans. The whole beans allow a hands on experience, where You handle the bulk material. This allows you to measure out exactly what you need for different projects. Whole beans , added to your soil, provide a slow release of nutrients and can also be made into a tea for immediate release of nutrients.
BMO has handled the product for you with the more tidy, llama bean tea bags. The beans are ground up, dried and measured into hand stamped tea bags in two different sizes for your convienience.They can be used for indoor and outdoor plants. You can also use the beans as a repellent for deer, elk and other pesky critters. Put beans (ground or whole) around your plants or make a llama bean tea spray and spray your plants.
Plants growing in Organic Llama Beans consistently produce more foliage and healthier fruits, vegetables and fragrant flowers! Cherish your plants and allow them to thrive and grow in a safe and organic environment! Good for indoor and outdoor use. BMO’s benefits include: enriching the soil with beneficial microorganisms, improved soil structure, increased water holding capacity and a slow release of nutrients.
Your plants will Love it!
In natural animal manure comparisons, the beans are superior to all other animal manure with the exception of bat guano. This makes it the #2 natural fertilizer! The NPK of Llama beans is N-1.7 P-0.69 K-0.66 making it #2 on the animal manure charts. The beauty of beans is their odor is not offensive and they can be used directly in your plants and gardens without composting and they won't burn. Good for all phases of plant development. Your Plants and gardens will love you for supplying them with the best!

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